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"Quality, to provide the right product or service to the customer's hands at the right time and the right price."

  1. Customer satisfaction and product quality are always top level for us.
  2. According to our customer requests we are providing appropriate value to your expectations, accurate, timely, cost-effective, fast, and to provide quality services and products,
  3. And equipped with self-developed service checks whether the personnel that provide added value by performing the national economy, industry and services sector to contribute to,
  4. Customers information and records upon request accreditation agency and not transferred to any third party outside of any other legal authority, and ensure full compliance with privacy principles,
  5. Environmental awareness and move the awareness to the forefront.
  6. Objective of the activity, independent and world standards, conduct in accordance with the law, our quality policy.Adopting the philosophy of continuous improvement and interested parties to follow the latest developments in activities related to certification to inform as soon as possible,